Club Matches

  • Our matches are usually the second and fourth Sundays of the month.
  • Please make sure all nets are thoroughly dried before each match.
  • A minimum of two nets are required on all matches one of which for small carp of a pound or less and silver fish.
  • All matches to be fished pegged down and draw will usually be 1hr before start of match.
  • A whistle will signal the all in, no pre-baiting before the all in!
  • Please be sensible with the size of fish in your nets as a rule fish of around 7lb and over should be weighed in.
  • £10 peg money with an optional £5 pools for outings.

2019/20 Match Fixtures

14th April 2019Monthly OutingA12 Cuton Lakes
28th April 2019William Smiwth Memorial CupGolf Club
5th May 2019Monthly OutingBlasford Hill - Match Lake
26th May 2019Chairmans CupGames Farm
9th June 2019Monthly OutingTylers Common - Horseshoe Lake
23rd June 2019Senior Mens CupSeven Springs
14th July 2019Monthly OutingBlind Lane - Match Lake
21st July 2019Junior CupGames Farm / Golf Club
28th July 2019Springs CupGolf Club
11th August 2019Monthly OutingColemans Cottage
19th August 2019Ladies CupGames Farm / Golf Club
26th August 2019J. Kerr Memorial CupSeven Springs
8th September 2019Monthly OutingFennes - Hill and Black
22nd September 2019Pairs TrophyGames Farm / Golf Club
13th October 2019Monthly OutingTylers Common - Willow Lake
27th October 2019F. Wade Challenge ShieldSeven Springs
3rd November 2019Monthly OutingPuddledock Farm - Road Lake
24th November 2019T. Rowbotham Memorial CupGolf Club / Games / Springs
8th December 2019Fur & Feather CupGolf Club / Games / Springs
26th January 2020Winter Challenge CupGolf Club / Games / Springs
23rd February 2020Secretary's CupGolf Club / Games / Springs
8th March 2020Monthly OutingTBA
22nd March 2020F. Wade Memorial CupGolf Club / Games / Springs