Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulations – GDPR

Our Statement and Policy with regard to these regulations

As an organisation that has chosen to hold personal data we have a legal responsibility to treat the data with respect and to hold the data securely.

Personal data must be:

  • Fairly and lawfully processed
  • Processed for limited purposes
  • Adequate and relevant and limited to what is necessary
  • Adequate and where necessary up to date
  • Not kept in a way that people can be identified from it for longer than is necessary
  • Processed in a way that ensures appropriate security

What personal data do we hold, how, why and where do we hold it and how long do we hold it for.

The fully completed membership form holds the following information;

  1. Members name
  2. Members address
  3. Members age
  4. Members telephone number
  5. Type of membership and payment price
  6. Members email address
  7. Members signature /Parent or Guardians signature

Information about why each specific piece of information is held by the club

Members name To enable us to address the member correctly.

Members address / email To enable us to contact the member by post/ email for the purpose of sending them an annual application form or newsletter or important information concerning club matters.

Members age To enable us to ensure that the member applies for the right category of membership.

Members telephone number To enable us to quickly contact our members.

Type of membership We have various categories of membership which attract different price points. We need to ensure that the member is in the correct category.

Payment price For club accounting purposes. This aids reconciliation of monies received. No bank details are requested or held.

Members signature For the member to make a declaration to follow the club rules and regulations.

Parents or Guardians signature For the Parent or Guardian of a Junior member to make a declaration to follow club rules and regulations for on behalf of them.

Who holds the personal data and where

  • Membership forms are held as hard copies only and are kept by the Membership Secretary.
  • Membership Forms form the basis for preparing the clubs accounts and need to be made available to the club Treasurer upon request to create a yearly balance sheet.
  • The Treasurer creates a yearly balance sheet that contains names of members and amount paid only – note: no bank or cheque details are held.
  • The yearly balance sheet is made available to members who attend the club’s AGM, this forms part of the club’s commitment to transparency in financial affairs.
  • A copy of the yearly balance sheet is held electronically on a laptop computer by the Treasurer, the laptop is protected by security. These electronic copies are held for six years in accordance with HRMC requirements, after which they are deleted from the system.
  • Membership forms are also made available upon request to the Club Secretary to gather members names and addresses so to create an up to date mailing list to send out newsletters. This list is kept as hard copy only at the Secretary’s home.

How long do we hold your information?

  • Membership forms are held till the 31st March of each year or until the new membership renewal forms are sent out, after which time they are destroyed by shredding and then through the domestic waste system.
  • Financial balance sheets are held electronically for six years then deleted from system.


We will never disclose any information held to any outside organisation. The information is held strictly for club use and distribution of the data within the management of the club is restricted to a need to know basis.

Informing members of the policy and member’s agreement that we hold this data.
2018/19 season and beyond

We will publish this document on our website

Any members who have objections should contact us and we will address these objections – these actions will be recorded.

This now will be our policy on Club Membership renewal, and the holding and use of your personal data, all existing and new members will be asked to give permission when joining or rejoining. We will respect all people’s desires with respect to their data that we hold.